You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It In The Park

| Toledo, OH, USA | Friendly | September 23, 2015

(In trying to decide what to do one Saturday, my two friends and I are discussing options.)

Me: “We could go see [Movie].”

Friend #1: “No, the reviews were terrible. Plus, theaters give me the creeps.”

Friend #2: “How about mini golf?”

Me: “Or maybe [Local State Park]?”

Friend #1: “Hmm…I like both. But I have to babysit tonight so we can only do one.”

Me: “State park.”

Friend #2: “Mini golf.”

Friend #1: “Hmm…”

Me: “The state park has ducks!”

Friend #2: “The mini golf center has koi fish.”

(Friend #1 eyes us both skeptically.)

Me: “The park allows swimming.”

Friend #2: “Yeah, well, the center has go-karts.”

Me: “There are fishing spots at the park.”

Friend #2: “The center has an arcade. WITH a prize counter.”

Me: “The park has cookies!”

Friend #2: “The center has cake!”

Me: *grins* “The park has cake and ice cream.”

Friend #1: “Sold. We’re going to the park.”

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