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You Can Harley Believe It

| Working | August 22, 2013

(I’m trying to renew my license at the DMV, and I’m at the last window that I have to go to. Over the last few hours, I’ve waited in many lines, had my picture taken, and passed the written exam. I am not trying to get a motorcycle endorsement, just a normal license.)

Employee: “You have most of the necessary documents, but I don’t see the exam for your motorcycle endorsement.”

Me: “What motorcycle endorsement?”

Employee: “Oh, and it seems you haven’t taken the motorcycle driving test either. You’ll have to schedule that and come back another day.”

Me: “But I—”

Employee: “I’m sorry, but we can’t just give you a motorcycle endorsement if you haven’t passed the test.”

Me: “I don’t want a motorcycle endorsement.”

Employee: “That doesn’t matter. You still have to take the test.”

Me: “I just want a normal license. I don’t have a motorcycle.”

Employee: “Ma’am, I understand, but you have to take the test if you want a motorcycle endorsement.”

Me: “I don’t want one.”

(The manager walks up.)

Manager: “What seems to be the problem here?”

Employee: “She wants me to give her a motorcycle endorsement without taking the test.”

Me: “No, I’m just trying to renew my license. My normal license that has nothing to do with motorcycles.”

Manager: *to employee* “None of these documents say anything about a motorcycle. Why are you processing this as a motorcycle endorsement?”

Employee: “I thought it—”

Manager: “Never mind, just go help someone at the next window. I’ll take care of this.”

(Luckily, that means processing everything in a few minutes and giving me my temporary license.)

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