You Can Gugelhopf On By!

, , , | Working | February 27, 2019

(My mum wants to order an old-fashioned cake — a Gugelhopf — for my birthday and enquires well in advance if a local bakery would be able to make that. She specifies that she will need it on a certain Friday, as they then will set off early on Saturday morning to come to see me. The lady says she will check and get back to my mum. However, she never does and my mum assumes the bakery can’t do it. Come that Saturday, the lady rings, somewhat upset, and with an attitude.)

Bakery: “You need to come pick up the Gugelhopf!”

Mum: “Wait, what? You never confirmed you could actually make it. We never discussed what flavour I wanted, or how big the cake would be, or what it would cost. You never notified me that the cake was ready, either!”

Bakery: “Oh…”

Mum: “Also, I said I needed it on Friday; now it’s way too late. We are already a few hundreds of kilometres away from home! You can now sell that Gugelhopf in your shop.”

(The lady then had the decency to recognise her fault and apologise for her mistake. In the end, my brother baked the Gugelhopf at my house, and it was delicious.)

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