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You Can Cat-Scratch That Awful Person Off The List!

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I caught a feral cat, got her vaccinated and spayed, and socialized her. When she was healed and ready, I posted her online for adoption, stating that I would require a little background information about the adopter to be sure she was going to the right home. A woman reached out via the texting app I listed as a contact option.

Woman: “Hi! I saw your kitty ad. I’d love to bring her into my home.”

Me: “Great! I can bring her by for a little meeting to see how things go. When should we meet up?”

Woman: “I can meet you at [Coffee Shop] in an hour.”

Me: “Sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear. I’m not just handing her over. I’ve put a lot of time and money into her, so I’m looking for a really good home.”

Woman: “Okay, and? You’re already charging $50 for her. That’s kind of a lot. And why do you need all that information? It’s none of your business.”

Me: “Her spay alone was $200. Plus vaccines, flea and worm treatment, food, and litter. I’ve easily spent $500 on her. I’m not just going to hand her off.”

Woman: “It’s really none of your business. It’s probably illegal to ask those questions of a stranger.”

Me: “Okay, have a nice life.”

The questions that I was asking — besides name and address to meet up — were: are there other people or pets in the house? And do they understand that pets can be expensive and are not expendable?

That’s it. No social security numbers or criminal record search, no references, nothing invasive.

I blocked her and moved on. A few weeks later, I found someone who appreciated my requirements and happily paid $100 (twice my adoption fee) to help cover some of the costs.

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