You Can Cash In These Giggle Bucks Again And Again

, , , , | Romantic | September 10, 2020

My husband is tired as it is late and we’ve been traveling most of the day. I didn’t realize how tired he was until this. We always take some cash and often have some left when we return from vacation. This trip, we actually spent very little of what we had withdrawn, and my husband decides he is going to deposit the money back into our account right away instead of waiting to go to the bank or ATM in the morning.

Husband: “I can’t find anywhere on the app to make a deposit.”

Me: “Oh, did someone send us a check while we were gone?”

Husband: “I’m trying to put back the money we didn’t use. I can’t figure out how to deposit cash.”

Me: “You’re serious?”

Husband: “Yes! Why don’t they have that option? This is really frustrating!”

I start laughing; I can’t help myself.

Me: “And just how were you planning on transmitting the bills to the bank, since you can’t just take a picture of them?”

My husband glares at me like I have two heads, as I try to stifle my giggles.

Husband: “What are you laughing about? It’s not funny!”

Suddenly, it seems to dawn on him what he is trying to do and his expression changes to one of defeat.

Husband: “Oh, never mind. I think I’ll go to bed now.”

Me: “Good idea!”

He made the deposit at the bank the following morning. I still find his lapse amusing: he does not.

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