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You Can Call For Better Business, But Can You Be A Better Person?

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: HavaDucky81 | September 19, 2022

I work graveyard while working on my degree. I work for an accessible van company. My position — like all our positions — is remote. We aren’t a huge company but not small by any means. All of our calls are recorded, so it makes me laugh when people try to pull their bulls*** and I remind them these calls are recorded. The company’s owner and my supervisor have a huge policy that people can’t bully us, and let me tell you, they try!

We offer roadside assistance for our customers. Keep that in mind: FOR OUR CUSTOMERS. We can unlock a vehicle, dispatch a mechanic, or do anything that might require roadside assistance.

A man calls us at 4:00 am on behalf of his neighbor.

Me: “Thank you for calling [Company]. My name is [My Name]. How may I help you?”

Man: “My neighbor’s van won’t start and she needs to get her son to the hospital!”

I’m thinking, “Hospital? It’s 4:00 am. Oh, no! I hope it’s not an emergency!”

Me: “Okay, what are her license plate number and name?”

Man: “Her name is [Woman] and the plate is [State] plates, [number].”

Me: “Sir, that’s not a plate of any of our vehicles.”

I hear the woman in the background tell the neighbor something.

Man: “She owns the vehicle!”

Once the van is sold, it’s no longer our responsibility, like any used vehicle place, unless it’s an agreed-upon warranty.

Me: “Sir, I honestly don’t know what I can do for her except look on GPS and see if we still have that van on there. I need to look her up first to figure out what van she had.”

I click around for a bit and try to find the woman.”

Me: “Umm, sir, we don’t have a customer by that name. Is it under someone else possibly?”

The man relates this to the woman.

Man: “She said no, it’s under her name.”

Me: “Sir, I can assure you that her name is not in here and we didn’t sell her any van.”

The woman takes the phone.

Woman: “Ma’am, I did get my van from you. From [Competitor]. I need to get my son to the VA.”

I’m a veteran, so of course, I understand that Veterans Affairs appointments are a pain to get if missed. I am thinking of different ways as she’s going off about how I can help her.

Me: “Ma’am, we are not that company, but I know on our vans we have a disable switch under the dash by the e-brake. Maybe they do, too?”

I’m assuming she looks as she pauses for a few moments before saying, “No!”

Me: “Okay, then, ma’am, you need to contact wherever you got the van.”

Woman: “I did! They’re not open and don’t have a roadside assistance department! I don’t understand. You are roadside assistance for accessible vans, and I need to get my son to his VA appointment! YOU WOULDN’T UNDERSTAND!”

Me: “Actually, ma’am, I understand all too well as I am a disabled veteran myself! I know it’s hard to sometimes get another appointment in a timely manner with the VA.”

Woman: “My son’s an injured combat veteran and you’re a woman. You wouldn’t understand what he’s going through!”

Me: “Ma’am, I am also an injured combat veteran. I do understand, and I want to help in any way I can within my power.”

Woman: “You can get someone out here to fix my vehicle.”

Me: “I can’t do that, unfortunately, as you did not get your van from us!”

Woman: “Then what good are you?! This is bulls***.”

She hangs up. I think, “Oh, well, I tried.”

I take my headset off and go back to painting. Then, I see another call coming through, and who does my caller ID show? The same number as before. I answer and give my “thank you for calling” spiel.

Woman: “Ugh, not you again! You’re incompetent! I want a manager!

Me: “I’m sorry, but seeing as it is 4:10, there is no one else available.”

Woman: “Get me someone now!”

Me: “No, I will not be doing that, and actually, I am going to be disconnecting this call.”

I promptly hang up. She calls back eight more times, getting me all eight times.

On the eighth call:

Woman: “I’m going to complain to the Better Business Bureau about you!”

Me: “Please do so. I can’t do something for you that is literally out of my control.”

Woman: “You’re a real b****, you know that?”

Me: “You, too, ma’am, and considering all the time you have spent insulting me on the phone, you could have called someone to help out. Have a great morning!” *Click*

I forwarded a recording of the call to my boss, who listened to it when they got in.

Of course, the woman called when we were open and said she wanted me fired. My awesome boss told her she was out of line as well as crazy!

Then, the woman made good on the call to the Better Business Bureau. They sent an inquiry. And nothing came of it!

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