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You Can Always Count On Her To Be Honest

| Working | March 8, 2013

(I’m at the bank with my friend.)

My Friend: “I need to cash these checks.”

(My friend hands over two $60 checks.)

Teller: “Okay, here you go.”

(The teller hands my friend $180.)

My Friend: “Um, you gave me too much. It’s only $120.”

Teller:No, you gave me two $60 checks. It’s $180.”

My Friend: “No, it’s only $120. You need to check your math.”

(The teller types the amounts into the calculator.)

Teller: “Oh, you’re right. It’s only $120!”

(The teller finally takes back the $60 my friend had been trying to hand her back all along. As we are leaving…)

My Friend: *to me* “She’s lucky I’m honest!”

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