You Bypassed The Compressor

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(I’m a field service tech working on one of the older model self-checkout registers in large grocery store – it isn’t dispensing change. The whole machine is open and a little boy of about eight or nine is watching me, seemingly fascinated by the gears and pumps. His father is nearby; they are waiting for the next register to clear up.)

Me: *smile at the boy*

Boy: “What’s wrong with it?”

Me: “It’s not giving out change.”

Boy: *frowns for a couple of seconds then opens his eyes wide* “Check the hyperdrive!”

Me: *smiling* “Hyperdrives only work on starships, kid.” *referencing Han Solo calling Luke that*

Boy: “Oh… have you ever worked on one?”

Me: *chuckling* “I have one in my garage.”

Father: *chimes in* “Is it a Corellian YT-1300 like Han Solo has?”

Boy: *eyebrows shooting up to his hairline* “Dad, you’re cool!”

Me & Father: “Rebel Alliance!”

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