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You Are My Sunshine, My Distant Sunshine

| Romantic | September 23, 2013

(My boyfriend and I met and started dating in the very short two weeks he was home right before deployment to Afghanistan. Because of this, we are still getting to know each other, almost two months later. We are on video chat, having a conversation on global warming.)

Boyfriend: “Well, the rich people will all go into space and still survive despite the earth failing them.”

Me: “You know, there is not enough energy to sustain that. Maybe solar energy?”

Boyfriend: “What if they float off into space? Solar won’t work if they are too far from the sun.”

Me: “No, not if the technology is invented that can concentrate the energy from other stars over great distances!”

(The conversation continues in this manner until we have to log off. A few minutes later I see he has updated his Facebook status.)

Boyfriend’s Status: “You know your girlfriend is awesome when she can keep up a conversation on black-holes, supernovas, and micro-magnification of solar energy from distant suns.”

(He’s a keeper.)

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