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You Apologize To That Precious Pupper Right Now!

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I am getting ready to go to sleep. My dog will usually start the night off in my sister’s room for an hour before hopping into bed with me and spending the rest of the night in my room. I go to collect her from my sister’s room but she’s not in there. I’m not worried as it’s summertime and I figure she’s in my parent’s room; the air conditioner is in their room and sometimes she’ll sleep on the floor if she’s too hot. However, she’s not in there, either.

I begin panicking as I search the whole house and can’t find her. Eventually, I check outside and see the world’s saddest dog laying on the outdoor furniture. She sees me and is ecstatic that she doesn’t have to spend the night outside and runs into my room where she is given extra cuddles all night.

The next morning, I am furious with my sister.

Me: “You a**hole! You left the dog outside last night.”

Sister: “How do you know it was me?”

Me: “Because I know you smoked weed before going to bed and you always take her out with you.”

Sister: “Whatever, she’s fine now.”

Me: “No, it’s not fine. What if it had been wintertime and you pulled this s***? If I hadn’t bothered to check, she would have been dead. Even so, we have bears in the woods, and what would have happened if one attacked her? It’s so irresponsible of you!”

Sister: “Whatever, accidents happen.”

I’m still pissed at her, and thankfully, the dog realized who was fully at fault here. My sister then began to complain that the dog didn’t like to hang out with her as much and say, “I think the dog is mad at me for some reason.” Gee, I wonder why?

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