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You And I Have Very Different Ideas Of What “Fun” Means

, , , | Right | January 29, 2022

I had a truck driver assault my manager. We finished the truck, and my manager went to finish paperwork for it so we could give it to him, and he could just leave. The driver stormed through the store demanding the paperwork.

Manager: “It isn’t finished yet!”

The driver tore apart everything behind the registers and stormed into the office looking for it. My manager kept saying it wasn’t done yet, and it got to the point that he just told him to get out. The truck driver kept yelling at my manager, and then he turned to me.

Driver: “Come on, man. You were there. You saw I didn’t do it, right? I just want my paperwork so I can get paid for this and get out of here.”

I looked him dead in the eye.

Me: “You heard my manager; he said it isn’t done yet. He’ll get it to you when he’s done.”

His response sent me over the edge.

Driver: “What do you know? You’re just a cashier. Stay in a woman’s spot and stay out of men’s business.”

At that point, my manager was screaming at him to get out and was getting the phone to call the cops. It was a fun day.

Question of the Week

Has a customer ever tried to cross you and lived to regret it? What happened?

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