You Always Remember Your Last Great Customer

, , , | Right | April 20, 2019

(At my store, we get a lot of older ladies coming in. Most of them are nice, and a few are entitled and rude. But occasionally, we get angels sent from Heaven. A woman comes up to my register one day and sets down a bag for a return.)

Customer: “I bought this yesterday, but I found out it’s on sale today for half off. Can I return it and rebuy it?”

Me: “Actually, we can do a price adjustment! You’ll get the same amount back as you would with returning it and repurchasing it, with half of the steps!”

Customer: “Oh, that’s even better!”

Me: “I’ll just need to start with your receipt!”

(She looks through her purse and suddenly looks upset.)

Customer: “I think I left it at home. I’m so sorry!”

Me: “Do you have the card it was bought on? I can look up your receipt that way!”

(She hands me her card. Luckily, it pulls it up, and I do the adjustment. She’s getting about $50 back.)

Customer: “Oh, thank you so much! I forgot to use my gift cards when I bought this, but I also forgot to get some fabric, so I guess it works out.”

Me: “Things always work out! You’re free to go look at fabric now!”

Customer: “You’re my hero, [My Name]!”

(About an hour later, she comes back through my line.)

Customer: “I think I got everything I needed this time. If not, I’ll be back tomorrow!”

Me: “And I’ll be here! Your total is [amount], and don’t forget your gift cards this time!”

(The customer pulls them out of her wallet.)

Customer: “Why thank you!”

(She finishes her transaction but asks to see a manager before she goes. She moves enough out of the way that I can keep ringing people out, but I can still hear the conversation.)

Manager: “Hi. You wanted to talk to me?”

Customer: “Yes, [My Name] is a wonderful person and I’m so glad she was working today. I have awful memory problems, but she’s made this trip so much easier on me. Is there anything I can do to show my appreciation?”

(She ended up filling out a form for corporate about me. She’s also promised to come back to see me. People like that are why I love what I do.)

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