Yoinks! How Rude!

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My parents were visiting from out of state, so we were picking up some snacks and supplies for their hotel room. My dad uses a CPAP that requires purified water, and we didn’t realize until we were waiting in line that we’d forgotten it. It was just before the holidays, and the store was packed, so I jogged back and grabbed a bottle while my parents were waiting to be rung up.

When I returned, another couple had pushed their heavily-loaded cart up and were starting to unload, and my parents’ order was almost done. As it would take a little finagling to get past the other couple and their cart, and as I’m a six-foot-tall woman, I just leaned over their order on the belt and placed the bottle of water at the end of my parents’ items, saying cheerfully, “‘Scuze me! Yoink!”

I then carefully moved around their cart and rejoined my parents, and only then realize the couple was staring at me, agog. I started wondering what was going on when the man looked from my mother to me and said, “Oh! You’re with them!

I blinked and then started laughing. “Oh, my God, yes. I was grabbing something for them… I’m sorry, did you think I just tried to cut in line by saying, ‘Yoink’? Holy cow, that would make me the biggest jerk ever. I’m so sorry!”

He started laughing, as well. “I was actually kind of impressed that a lady apparently had brass balls bigger than mine!” The cashier looked infinitely relieved that an incident was avoided, and the gentleman and I laughed about my “epic rudeness” for the rest of the sale.

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