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Yet 10 More Stories About People Who Are Terrible With Geography!

| Right | April 21, 2021

Dear readers,

Perhaps it’s a good thing that traveling has taken a hit recently because it seems like a lot of people will get lost based on just a glimpse of some of our stories. Despite posting a couple of roundups in the past about people who are hopeless with basic geography, they keep popping up in our archives with such alarming frequency that we decided yet another roundup was due.

We promise it will be super simple to navigate these next ten stories from our archives about yet more of the geographically challenged!


You Say Vacation, I Say D**nation – At least Hades is a little less humid.

Those Foreigners And Their Funny Continents – *Throws a globe at this customer*

Continental Confusion – This just in: the United States is not the only country.

Welcome To Glorious Nation Of North Americastan – Did they miss first grade?!

I Always Travel By Rocket – Challenge accepted!

Brown-Skinned Savage, I Come From Distant Shores – I think she was trying to be nice. Keyword: “trying”.

Must Be From The Valley – Rhode Island throws a lot of people off.

The Uneducated States Of America – I’m insanely curious where this person was calling from.

Imperialism At Its Finest – Hits from the comments: “I can read a map. Baja California is in the United States and New Mexico is not. Duh!”

Around The World… Eventually – Honey, they don’t know what “circumnavigate” means. Too many syllables.


We hope you enjoyed this roundup about yet more customers who are terrible with geography! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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