A Year In Customer Service Should Be Mandatory

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(I’m working as crew leader at the front counter on a very busy day. A middle aged man I recognise as being a difficult regular storms in five minutes after I handed him his food through the drive-thru. He’s followed closely by what I assume from their similar faces is his adult daughter, who is carrying a small toddler on her hip and looks livid.)

Regular: *slamming his bag down on the counter* “Listen, I don’t know how hard it is to make a burger correctly, but this is the third time this week I’ve had to bring my food back! Absolutely ridiculous!”

(My trainee who is on register looks at him like a deer in headlights and looks to me for help as he continues yelling. While he’s not swearing he is definitely making a scene. Before I can finish pouring the drink I was halfway through making and get over there, his angry looking daughter steps up to the counter. I brace myself for more yelling, but I wasn’t prepared for what came next.)

Daughter:Dad! That is enough! I worked at a [Chain] for three years, and your son still works at another one! How many times did I come home crying because customers were screaming at me for stuff that wasn’t my fault? How many times did you try to cheer me up by mocking them? That’s what these employees are going to do. They’re going to go home and laugh about the grumpy old man who got his underwear in a knot over a three-dollar burger! Go back to the car. I said I’d handle it!”

(Her father splutters for a few seconds but his daughter will not budge. She’s standing between him and the counter glaring him down. Just then, the little toddler she’s carrying pipes up.)

Little Girl: “Poppy! Don’t be rude! They’s doing they job! Have to use manners in the shop!”

(Her father slinks out of the restaurant and the woman turns around, suddenly all smiles and politeness.)

Daughter: “Hi! So sorry about him; he always does this and I’d finally had enough. These two burgers were wrong and we got the wrong drink; could we please just fix that up?”

Little Girl: “Excuse me! You forgot my toy. Can I please have a toy?”

(We fixed their order and threw in some extra toys for the little one. A few weeks later, the regular came back in when we got one of his drinks wrong and was quiet, polite, and well mannered through the entire thing. We haven’t had a problem with him since, all thanks to a daughter who remembered her time in fast food!)

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