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Yeah, That Sounds Safe

, , , , | Working | August 10, 2020

This takes place about two weeks after I start a new job that involves managing various temporary properties and turning them around after each occupant. As a newbie, I’m still not quite up to speed, so I’m on the basic jobs for now.

A property becomes empty and I’m asked to go out, read the energy meters, and ring the company who supplies the property with the up-to-date readings. Easy, right?

Out I go. I walk onto the property and through the fire-resistant door into the living room/kitchen, not paying any attention to the door closing behind me.

I get the readings, go to leave, and call the company from the office and find that the very heavy, fire-resistant door that closed behind me doesn’t have a handle on the inside after the last occupant obviously removed it.

And that’s the story of how, on my second week in my job, I had to call the office and ask someone to drive twenty-odd miles to come and let me out of a property that wasn’t even locked.

They did suggest I climb out the window, but that wouldn’t have ended well.