Yatta Girl

| Romantic | August 8, 2012

(We’ve just met, but I’m already in love with him. We’ve been pretty flirty. He’s an exchange student, and we’ve gone out for a bike ride to the lake. We’re just sitting by the side of the lake, talking. He’s leaving the next day.)

Him: “I’m going to miss America when I leave.”

Me: “I’m going to miss you when you leave.”

Him: “Me too! I’m glad I found such a good friend in the US!”

Me: *cringes* “Uh, yeah. Hey, look over there!” *points to his right*

Him: “What?” *looks*

(I swoop in and kiss his cheek. He is shocked and speechless.)

Me: “Yatta!” *Japanese for ‘I did it!’* “Haha!”

Him: “You have something, here…” *reaches out and picks something off my neck*

Me: “What?” *looks down*

(He grabs my chin and yanks it up, causing my lips to meet his.)

Him: “Haha, yatta!”

(This was six years ago, and he’s now moved to the US. We’ve been dating since then.)

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