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Y’all Seen “Office Space”?

, , , , | Working | June 13, 2022

My boss had several computers sitting around the office that she wanted to get rid of. As the only person in the office who knew how to even run defrag, the task fell to me to yank the hard drives out per my boss’s instructions. 

There was sensitive medical information on them and they needed to be rendered unreadable. Opting for the quick-fix, I bent ALL the SSI connector pins, pulled the power connector pins out with pliers, and snapped off a handful of chips. 

Upon presenting the drives to her, she was still worried someone might read them. I took them outside and bashed them against a concrete wall. She was still not convinced. I returned a third time with a screw-driver driven completely through each drive. Her response:

Boss: “Well…that looks thorough, but I think someone might still be able to read them, let’s keep them, just in case.”

They are, to this day, sitting under her desk.

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