Y’all Ever Hear Of Vacation Days?

, , , | Working | March 29, 2021

I work for a woman who is very successful and driven but can also be quite mean. 

One day, we are out for a company team-building activity at a rather executive community in the city that has a private lake — accessible to homeowners and residents of the community. We are out on the balcony of the clubhouse, which has a nice view of the lake and the beach. My boss looks out at the people enjoying the sunshine and points to one woman — probably in her twenties and thirties — laying on a beach towel.

Boss: “Look at her! What is she doing out in the middle of the day on a beach? Does she not have a job?”

Me: “Maybe she’s a nurse and this is her day off?”

That shut her up. Apparently, she never even considered shift work, which is funny, considering we worked for a company that manufactured PPE to — that’s right — hospitals!

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