Xoxo Is Only So-so

| Related | March 5, 2012

(My sister and I stop off at my grandmother’s house to drop off a birthday card from our younger cousins. One of them has just been born, and her name is inside the card. My grandmother is Chinese, and cannot speak English very well, but she can read basic English.)

Grandma: *reads card very slowly* “Happy…birthday…uhh…”

Sister: *in Chinese* “What is it?”

Grandma: *in Chinese* “What’s the new baby’s name?”

Sister: *points* “There.”

(Grandma has a shocked look.)

Me: *in Chinese* “What?”

Grandma: *in Chinese* “How, how do you pronounce this?”

Me: *in Chinese* “Sydney.”

(She doesn’t hear me. She starts spelling it out.)

Grandma: “X-O-X-O?”

(My sister’s jaw drops.)

Grandma: *in English* “How pronounce? So-So?”

Sister: *now hysterical, and speaking in Chinese* “No! XOXO means hugs and kisses!”

(Everyone is now on the floor laughing. My grandma finally recovers.)

Grandma: *in Chinese* “Oh my gosh! I was going to ask, what on earth is wrong with my grandchildren for naming their kids such a confusing name! Sydney, right? Oh my, that’s much better!”

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