Wrote The Book On Bad Customers

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I am at the final window of a popular fast food drive-thru in the UK, at the height of the health crisis. I am patiently waiting in my car, and the server has handed my first bag through the window, when I witness one of the most entitled people I have ever seen.

A woman marches through the exit of the drive-thru, in the middle of the road, instead of using the pavement. Around a blind corner. You know the type. No mask, THAT haircut.

Immediately, she ignores that I am at the drive-thru window. She squeezes into the small space between the window and my car. Her a** is literally pressed against the glass. She is brandishing one of the small books that come free with a kids’ meal.

The woman proceeds to knock on the window until she gets someone’s attention.

Customer: “I specifically asked for a toy. This is a book. Not a toy.”

Server: “The kids’ meal promotion at the moment is a small book, not a toy.”

Customer: “I told my son that he was getting a toy.”

Server: “Give me a moment. I can check if we have any left over from last week. Just a moment.”

Customer: “Un-f******-believable.”

The server returns.

Server: “Hello, apologies, but we do not have any toys from the previous promotion and we haven’t received next week’s kids’ meal treat yet. Unfortunately, we only have the books.”

Customer: *Tapping the book against the glass* “It’s your fault that my child is crying! Do something!”

Server: “I’m sorry, but there is nothing I can do.”

The woman slammed both open palms against the window and screamed before marching out of the drive-thru, in the middle of the road again.

I waited a few moments, and the drive-thru gave me my food which had gotten cold at that point. The drive-thru was packed. It was the lunch rush, and I felt bad for the staff who had to take time to deal with the woman, so I just sped away.

As I rounded the corner, I saw the woman in one of the waiting spaces, parked terribly, in a brand new Mercedes. The back door was open and she was consoling her ten-year-old son who was screaming at her.

I didn’t know if he had a learning disability, though I suspect she would have led with that when she spoke to the staff if he did, but I couldn’t believe that someone was so upset about being given a BOOK.

There were plenty of ways to deal with that situation — namely, calling the store from the car park to maintain social distancing — but that was how she chose to deal with it?

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