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You Are Wrong, Part Two

, , , , | Right | March 26, 2018

(I work for a warehouse that delivers car parts to repair shops around town. Shortly after my lunch break, I am asked by my manager to make a delivery to a customer that is known for ordering wrong parts, and for treating our employees poorly.)

Manager: “Hey, [My Name]. Can you pull these parts and take them to [Customer]?”

Me: “Yeah, no problem.”

(I pull the two parts off of the shelf and drive down the street to deliver them at the customer’s repair shop.)

Me: “Hello. How are you doing today?”

Customer: *looks at me angrily but gives no response*

Me: “Where would you like me to put these parts?”

Customer: “Put them by the d*** truck they were ordered for!”

Me: “No problem. Could you please sign for the parts? Then, I will be on my way.”

(The customer signs for the parts, and I go back to the warehouse.)

Manager: “[My Name], I need you to take this order to [Customer], ASAP.”

Me: “I just took those parts there five minutes ago.”

Manager: “I know you did, but the wrong parts were in the boxes.”

Me: “Okay, I’ll take the correct parts there now.”

(I pull the parts off of the shelf and double check that the correct parts are in the boxes before driving to [Customer].)

Me: “Hello. Here are the correct parts. I am sorry that I brought the wrong ones the first time.”

(The customer opens the box and puts the cracked part off of the truck next to it. It is clearly twice the size of the new part.)

Customer: “Does that look like the right f****** part to you?”

Me: “No, sir, it does not; however, that is the part that you ordered. The number on the box and the part match the order slip. Maybe the wrong part was ordered?”

Customer: “I didn’t order the wrong f****** part; you just don’t know how to read numbers.” *snatches order slip from my hand and compares it to the box and part*

Me: *tired of getting yelled at for doing my job correctly* “You can look at it all you want; the numbers match. Those are the correct parts you have ordered twice now. If you would like me to take them back as returns, I can.”

Customer: “Take your d*** parts. I didn’t f*** up anything. I’m going to call [Manager] and tell him how poorly you have treated a customer.”

(I get in my car and call [Manager] to tell him what happened, and that he should expect a call from [Customer] very soon. When I get back to the warehouse:)

Me: “So, [Manager], what did [Customer] have to say about me?”

Manager: “They said you are the worst employee we have and to never send you there again. After talking with them, we came to the conclusion that we do not carry the part they wanted and they ordered wrong twice.”

(Right then another order comes off the printer to go to [Customer].)

Manager: “Here you go, [My Name]. Make sure to have a nice s***-eating grin when you walk in.”

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