Wrong Number, Right Attitude

, , , , | Right | April 6, 2021

I am currently subbing for a receptionist at a healthcare office. Our phone number is one digit off from a medical bill payment company. It’s my first day, and I have had this conversation three times already before lunch.

Me: “Thank you for calling [Healthcare Office]. How may I help you?”

Caller: *In a thick southern accent* “Hi, I received this bill here, and I need to make a payment to my account.”

This office does not send out any kind of billing, nor does it handle any account payments. I already know where this is headed.

Me: “Okay, could you just read off the phone number on the bill for me?”

Caller: “The phone number? You mean the one I just called?”

Me: “Yes, sir.”

Caller: “Well, that’s just a silly question! I obviously called you guys from the number on this letter!” *Laughs* “Well, that just don’t make any sense!”

He continues on for a moment before I manage to break in, trying a new tactic.

Me: “I know it’s a silly question, but I just want to confirm we’re in the right place. Just double-checking, did they give you [Med Bill Company]’s number?”

Caller: “Yeah! That’s the number I called!”

Me: “All right, sir, I think I found the problem. [My Company] is one digit off from them. We are [our number]. You are trying to reach [correct number].”

Caller: *Pauses* “Oh! I see! I am so sorry, ma’am! You sound like you’ve been through this before. I really apologize for the mistake. Thanks for your help. Have a good day!”

I could hear him muttering to himself as he hung up. Rinse and repeat for the rest of the afternoon, but nobody was quite as polite!

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