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Wrong Bench, Wrong Store, Wrong Attitude

, , , | Right | May 29, 2020

My supervisor is talking with a very irate customer about how her mother was treated when she came into the store.

Customer: “I need to speak to your general manager!”

Supervisor: “Could you tell me what the problem is first?”

Customer: “Your general manager chased my elderly mother off your bench last night and told her to never come back. I don’t appreciate the way she’s been treated!”

Supervisor: “Well, ma’am, we don’t have a general manager. This is a locally-owned store. Are you sure it was here?”

Customer: “I’m positive! That man was rude!”

Supervisor: “Ma’am, I’m positive it wasn’t here. We don’t even have a bench outside.”

Customer: “Oh… Well, let me go call her.”

The woman later came back and said my supervisor was correct. Her mother was not in our store or even this town. No apology, either.

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