Writing The Wrongs About Rights

| Romantic | November 29, 2012

(A couple comes in and are waiting for their food. The boy looks like your typical redneck while his girlfriend is more alternative with colored hair and tattoos. I overhear their conversation.)

Boyfriend: “I don’t understand what the big deal about gay marriage is.”

Girlfriend: *stares at him like he’s an idiot*

Boyfriend: “What?”

Girlfriend: “A right is a right, and shouldn’t be treated as if it’s a privilege.”

Boyfriend: “…huh?”

Girlfriend: “Alright, this is the only analogy I have left to explain this to you. We have to get rid of all of your guns, and you lose your right to bare arms because it doesn’t agree with my religion.”

(He stares off into space for a few minutes.)

Boyfriend: “…But it’s my right.”

Girlfriend: “Keep thinking.”

Boyfriend: “…hey, that’s bulls***!”

Girlfriend: “There we go, I knew you had a brain in there.”

(They get their food and are getting ready to leave.)

Boyfriend: “Wait, I don’t have to give up my guns do I?”

Girlfriend: *face-palms* “Thank the gods you’re cute.”

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