Writing Is A Blood Sport

| VA, USA | Learning | October 6, 2016

(I’m a girl in eighth grade. In my English class, we are learning about Anne Frank and have to write about five things we would bring if we had to go into hiding. Being teenagers, many of us write about wi-fi routers, cell phones, video games, etc. Finally someone mentions a journal. Note that I’m typically a quiet person who doesn’t like to speak in front of the whole class.)

Student #1: “…and I’ll also bring a journal, to record stuff that happens.”

Student #2: “Wait, you didn’t say that you were gonna bring a pen! What are you going to write with?”

Me: *louder than I meant* “Your blood.”

(Everyone stares at me for a second and bursts out laughing.)

Me: *blushes*

Teacher: “Well, that was a bit dark.”

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