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Write That Down! WRITE THAT DOWN!

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I’m a teenager going through some college loan websites with my parents. They’re doing most of the work, but I’m present to note down the details I’ll need, provide some of the necessary information, and get a feel for the process.

My mother is working on the computer, and my father and I are standing behind her. She has several tabs open when she misclicks and closes the whole browser window.

Mom: “Agh! No, no, no, no, no!”

Dad: “Crap! Do you remember everything we had open?”

Me: “Try Control, Shift, T!”

Dad: “What the heck will that do?”

Me: “It reopens your last closed tab! You might have to hit it a couple of times to get everything back, but it should work!”

My mom quickly inputs the command, and all of our tabs reopen, good as new. We all breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Dad: “What was that command again?”

Me: “Control, Shift, T.”

Dad: “I’ll have to remember that.”

I was quite pleased to be able to teach my dad, who has worked in IT for over ten years, something new about computers!

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