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Wrapping Up In Warmth

, | Right | December 28, 2016

(It is a week or so before Christmas. Between customers, sometimes we’ll join in on the small talk with other cashiers’ customers. I notice the scarf worn by a very well-dressed woman being rung out.)

Me: “Oh, I love your scarf! *laughing* “I’m kind of a collector when it comes to them.”

(She thanks me cheerfully and I’m about to go back to my register when the woman begins to take the scarf off.)

Customer: “Here, would you like to have it? I don’t wear it very often, anyway.”

Me: *exchanging a look with the other cashier, unsure if she’s serious* “Oh, no, that’s ok. You don’t have to do that!”

Customer: “No, it’s fine. You can have it. It’s Christmas, after all.”

(I eventually accepted it and she left quickly after that, but I was so surprised by the gesture for the rest of my shift. I still wear that scarf to this day, and it’s one of my favorites!)

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