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The small supermarket I work at used to have these weekend deals from Friday to Sunday and would usually involve two or three items. These deals were really popular and really good value. Quite sometime after we stopped doing these weekend deals, I get tannoyed to the till.

Coworker: “Hey, [My Name], can you do a shelf-price check on this?”

I get handed a jar of coffee.

Coworker: “The gentleman here claims it is only £1.99.”

I am initially puzzled as that particular coffee is very well known and very expensive, brand. I check the shelf and find that the man is mistaken.

Me: “It says £6.99 on the shelf.”

Customer: “But last time I bought it, it was £1.99. It was some kind of weekend offer.”

Then, it clicks. That coffee was on a weekend deal at £1.99 at one point. I put the sign out myself. But that was months ago.

Me: “Sir, the weekend deals changed every week. And we don’t do weekend deals anymore.”

Customer: “Oh.”

He looks slightly crestfallen at the news. As he leaves the shop, my coworker and I can’t help but giggle.

Coworker: “But today is Wednesday.”