Would You Please Just Pokémon GO!

, , , | Right | March 15, 2019

(Working in a video game store, we’re used to people lecturing us for selling games that are violent, inappropriate for children, etc. We’re not allowed to engage them, other than nodding and saying, “I’m sorry you feel that way.” In this story, a middle-aged woman has been ranting at my manager and me about how gaming is bringing about the downfall of society, rots children’s brains, etc., and then she says this:)

Woman: “Kids these days don’t go outside like they used to; they just sit inside all day staring at a screen. They’re all going to be losers, living with their parents, not being able to handle the real world!”

(Suddenly, a customer pokes his head around the corner with the most deadpanned expression and stares at the woman.)

Awesome Customer: “Lady, you’re taking time out of your day to lecture a video game store for selling video games. Who’s the loser here?”

(The woman stares at the guy with no response before huffing and storming off. The customer comes up to the counter with his game.)

Manager: “I’d give you a hug for that, but HR wouldn’t be happy with me, so I’m giving you a 15% discount on your purchase today, instead!”

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