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Would You Like To Super-Size Your Bangs Today?

, , , | Right | September 23, 2018

(I am at a hair salon. The way the system works at this particular location is you write your name down on the sign-in form, and an employee crosses your name out once they put your name on the computer waiting list. My sister and I have already signed in and been added to the computer. I am getting my hair cut and my sister is just waiting her turn, when an elderly man walks in and puts his name on the list. My sister gets called.)

Elderly Man: “Isn’t it my turn now? There was no one before me on the list!”

Employee #1: *explains that my sister was first, because she signed in first*

Elderly Man: “Hmph!”

(My hair is done, I have paid, and I am waiting now for my sister to finish up. The elderly man gets called.)

Employee #2: *to elderly man* “How are you today?”

Elderly Man: “I still don’t understand why I wasn’t next; all the other names were crossed out on the list.”

Employee #2: *patiently repeats what the other employee already said*

Elderly Man: “Hmph!”

(My sister looks uncomfortable. I’m wondering what his problem is, since my sister was obviously there before he came in.)

Employee #2: “How were you wanting your hair cut today?”

Elderly Man: “Cut it medium with the clippers.”

Employee #2: *hesitates, looks confused* “A number three comb?”

Elderly Man: “Medium!”

Employee #2: “I’m not sure what you mean.”

Elderly Man: “Medium! Medium! How can you not know what a medium haircut is?!”

(By this time my sister is done and paying. As we leave, the elderly man is still insisting that he always gets his hair cut “medium.” The poor stylist is flustered and confused.)

Me: *to my sister* “I think he has [Hair Salon] confused with [Fast Food Restaurant].”

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