Would They Like To Kiss Their Cellmate Tonight, Too?!

, , , , | Right | December 10, 2020

I am waiting on three women at the bar who have racked up quite the bill on just greyhounds alone, and they are starting to get a little rowdy. Some of their friends come in later and sit at a table, but they order a bottle of wine from me at the bar. I have to come around the bar to do the wine service.

As I’m opening the wine, I feel someone pulling the strap of my dress down and then kissing my shoulder where I have a tattoo. I look behind me, and there’s one of the bar customers jumping up and down, shouting to her friends. 

Customer: “I kissed it! I kissed it!”

I stood there horrified as her friends just laughed. I then quickly ran back to the safety of my bar.

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