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Would Rather Not Horse Around With The Family

| Related | August 2, 2016

(We are on a family vacation — grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. My family has rented two cabins; the one I’m in has my parents, one aunt, her two kids, and I. The resort we are visiting has activities planned for the following week, but seem to be noticeably overpriced. My aunt has decided to take my cousins horseback riding for one hour. They are known by my parents and me to be some of the brattiest children in the family. The following argument ensues:)

Aunt: “[My Name], are you coming, too?”

Me: “No, thanks.”

Aunt: “Why not?!”

Me: “I’m not into horses as much as I was when I was little. I already had lessons.”

Aunt: *hiding her surprise and anger terribly* “C’mon, you’ll have fun!”

Me: “I don’t see the point in making my parents pay $60 for something I already did!”

Aunt: “Don’t you want the experience with your cousins?!”

Me: “But I already HAVE the experience…”

(My aunt ended up paying almost $200 for herself and my cousins to sit on horses for exactly one hour. The trio complained the rest of the night about how much their legs hurt from straddling horses nonstop. Should’ve stayed to enjoy the air conditioning!)

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