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Would He Feel This Way With The Shoe On The Other (Broken) Foot?

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I’m a college student, and I have been working as a freelance designer to pay some bills.

A year ago, a company contacted me about designing a flyer and a billboard for them. The deadline was coming pretty quickly, and we agreed on a price that included a rush fee.

Two days into the project, I got run over by a car that broke both of my legs. I was sent to a hospital, where I had to get surgery. As soon as I got out of surgery and regained consciousness, I contacted the client and told him what had happened. I said that I was going to be unable to work on any projects. I’d been given pretty strong pain medications, and I wasn’t in any kind of shape to do anything, so I wasn’t going to meet the deadline that was set.

I offered to get him in contact with another designer and to give him all the files needed so they could finish the project in time. I also told him that I could refund half the rush fee he had paid me in advance.

His answer deserves to be framed.

Client: “What happened to you is terrible! I hope you get better soon, but since you only had to get surgery on your legs and you can still use your hands, I think you can keep working on the project. Cheers!”

The nurse also thought he was an a**hole.

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