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Would Have Mismanaged The Situation

| Working | April 23, 2014

(Last night, I had to call the police on someone who was drunk and streaking around scaring little children. My manager isn’t too happy. I’m a female.)

Manager: “Did you really have to call the police on this boy?”

Me: “Yes. He tried to grab me and security wouldn’t do anything.”

Manager: “It’s still a little dramatic to call the cops and arrest him. His parents are angry now.”

Me: “Plus, this boy was 18 and shouldn’t have been drinking anyway.”

Manager: “Boys will be boys. Next time just handle it yourself, okay?”

Me: “Me against a full grown adult ‘boy.’ I don’t think so.”

Manager: “Tch. Girls.”

(The manager started to say something else but the general manager called for him sternly. He told my manager to shut up.)

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