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Worse Than A Bad Cop Is Bad Writing

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(My grandfather is a retired cop. Sometimes, I ask him how accurate police on TV shows are. Other times, I’ll ask him what he thinks of real court cases. In this instance, I am asking about a show but forget to specify.)

Me: “So, if two guys were fugitives, but they never switched their car — never even switched their license plates — why couldn’t the cops track them down in an instant? And their faces are everywhere; it’s not like they even grew a beard!”

Grandfather: “Well, you have to cut officers some slack. Many of us are overworked and underpaid, and there are a number of reasons why they wouldn’t be able to find these criminals.”

Me: *interrupting him before he gets too far* “Ah… Um, it was in a show.”

Grandfather: “The writers are idiots! There is no reason for those men to remain at large.”

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