Worse Than A Baby On A Flight Is A Man-Baby

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(I work for an airline call center. A man calls to get the bassinet seat on his flight, which is a crib that attaches to the wall on a flight. I ask him if his child is able to sit up without help and if he is over 25 pounds. He is. I explain that I cannot get that seat for him because he is too heavy and it is dangerous for the baby. The man is upset.)

Caller: “This is a nine-hour flight! What am I supposed to do?”

Me: “Well, you do have the option to purchase a seat for him, but you need to bring your own car-seat.”

Caller: “I am not paying hundreds of dollars just for a baby! That’s too expensive!”

Me: “I understand. It is for this reason you do have the option to have him on your lap during the flight since you’ll be holding onto him.”

Caller: “How am I supposed to hold a baby for nine hours?!”

Me: “There is the option to buy a seat, as I said, but otherwise, he will have to be on your lap. Many travellers choose this option.”

Caller: “This is ridiculous! Who will be responsible if I drop my baby?! Huh?”

Me: *taking a second to breathe because he is pissing me off* “I don’t know, sir, but all I can say is that the bassinet is not available for infants over 25 pounds because it is too dangerous. We are following air traffic laws and they permit lap-held infants. If you have any complaints about the options, you can write to customer relations.”

Caller: “This is bulls***!”

(Sorry for caring more about your child than you do.)

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