World Of Warcraft Versus A Call Of Duty

| Friendly | March 24, 2015

(I’m at a friend’s house watching her play ‘World of Warcraft.’ She starts to fidget as her team, or whatever it’s called, start to go into a boss fight. I’m better at driving or ‘The Sims’ games.)

Friend: “CRAP, I gotta go to the loo but we’re starting to fight.” *turns to me* “Play for me for a minute!”

Me: “WHAT! No, I don’t know how to play. I’m going to get you killed””

Friend: “Okay we’re in.” *points to some buttons* “Just hit these buttons in order, okay? You’ll be fine.” *runs out of the room*

(I proceed to stand there while the others fight the boss guy, then hit a button which makes the character glow for a few seconds. I panic and make the character go run and hide behind a wall. I can hear my friend’s teammates yelling at her to get back to where they are. Just as they are about to beat the boss my friend comes back in and looks at the screen.)

Friend: “Dude! Where the h*** are you?”

Me: “Well, after I went glow worm for a sec I turned around to run out the way you went in and now I think I’m near a pile of rubble. Told you not to let me play!”

Friend: “S***!” *on mic to her team* “Guys, I’m sorry. I was busting and gave my mate the computer.”

Team Member: “Yeah, please don’t ever do that again; your friend sucks.”

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