Stop! Or We’ll Stare Disapprovingly!

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(We’re going through a busy spell at self-check, so my coworker and I manning the area are both running back and forth between customers while trying to keep an eye on all of them to prevent theft. Two men at a register have one item, but it’s from electronics and has an anti-theft tag, which they flag me down to remove. The policy is to remove it after they have asked and you see that it’s scanned. If they ask before they pay, you’re not supposed to argue or make them wait, just remove the tag as long as it’s been scanned. I have to help another customer, but the men have been at the register a while, and since I just finished helping that customer and my coworker is busy with a different customer, I go to check on them. Just as I get there…)

Me: “Is everything–”

Customer #1: *storms off, completely ignoring me*

Customer #2: *sheepishly smiles at me and starts to follow his friend*

(I look down and see their item still sitting on the bagging platform. Before I can do anything:)

Customer #1: *abruptly turns around, snatches the item off the platform, and storms back off*

Me: “Have a nice day?”

(As I say this, I’m glancing towards the register, having found it very odd that they would only purchase one item and then almost forget to take it. Sure enough, there’s a message on the card reader showing that their card was declined a couple times. I rush after them. As a cashier, I’m not allowed to go after customers myself.)

Me: “Security, that really tall guy by the door: theft!”

(Even though we’re a high-crime area, I guess due to violent reactions, security cannot actually detain anybody, nor can they follow them outside. All they can do is ask somebody to stop and see their receipt or turn over an item. The two men are almost to the door, so I am rushing, trying to get the guard to move quickly before they leave and there’s nothing more we can do.)

Security: *slowly scanning* “Those two?”

Me: “Yes, yes, the tall man in the brown jacket with the short man in the gray sweatshirt.”

Security: *finally starts after them, then quietly asks* “Sir? Sir, please?”

Customer #1: *continues walking at brusque pace and pays the guard absolutely no attention, walking right out of the store, his friend right behind him*

Security: *turns back to me and shrugs*

Me: “…”

(I just walk back to self-checkout. I’ve only been working a month or so and have not dealt with blatant theft like that before, so I catch my coworker, who is regularly stationed at self-check, tell her what happened, and ask what to do. She comes over to look at the register they left, which, fortunately, other customers have left alone.)

Coworker: “That’s a hundred-dollar item!”

Me: “I know; it sucks.”

Coworker: “And they just walked off with it… D***.”

(She printed out a receipt of the transaction thus far so she could take it to down to customer service where there’s usually a manager and give it to them to log. I later made sure to confirm with a manager that we couldn’t wait until after a transaction was finished to take off anti-theft tags if asked. I explained why I was asking, and the manager just shrugged and told me, yeah, remove the tag when asked. It just needs to be scanned first. I don’t particularly care because it’s a huge corporate business that pays their employees dirt, but it’s kind of a silly policy, though no more so than our security guards being there just for show.)

Microwave Results In A Micro-Transaction

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I’m moving out of my studio apartment. The landlord has promised me he would come by on my last day there to inspect the place after it’s been emptied, but despite calling and texting him repeatedly, he never shows and never picks up or replies. The only message I get from him says I should leave the place unlocked for the team of workers he’s hired, who’ll be in first thing next morning to fix up the place to be rented out again. So, when leaving, I shut the door but leave it unlocked. It seems reasonable enough; in over two years of living there, I haven’t had any attempted break-ins or anyone even trying my door at night.

One of the few things I was provided was a small cheap microwave, which I am supposed to leave there and do so.

After waiting for three months for my security deposit check, never receiving it, having to involve the city’s tenant-landlord dispute resolution department, and being told my ex-landlord claims the check he “sent” — as he was strictly, legally obligated to within 30 days — got “lost in the mail,” it turns out the ex-landlord has decided to also deduct $50 from my deposit money for the microwave, which according to him wasn’t left in the apartment. This is the apartment that I left unlocked overnight on his instructions, which he refused to come to inspect, and which would have been swarmed and turned over by some unknown-to-me crew of workers first thing next morning; unsupervised, they could have done absolutely anything to the place and its contents.

Hiring A Bunch Of Whistleblowers

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(I’m one of the two managers on duty at a pet store, and I have just stepped out of the office near the registers. The other manager is nearby and talking with one of our groomers, but I glance up when I see a male customer leave the building and suddenly come stomping back in.)

Customer: *yelling at my male cashier* “Did you just whistle at me?”

Cashier: “No?”

(The customer barges into my cashier’s space at the register, getting inches from his face, yelling about his attitude, and I rush in to intervene. Though I’m female and far smaller than my cashier, I try to step in between them.)

Me: “Is there a problem?”

Customer: *ignores me and keeps yelling at my cashier* “Where’s your manager?”

Me: “I’m a manager. What’s the problem?”

Customer: *finally directs his anger at me* “Do you let all your employees behave like that?”

Me: “Behave like what? What happened?”

(The customer seems to realize that he actually doesn’t have an answer to my question, and he storms back out of the store. At first, I’m glad to see him leave, but then my cashier decides to be really stupid.)

Cashier: *cheerfully and loudly* “Good-BYE!”

(I groan inwardly. Sure enough, the customer comes storming back in again.)

Customer: *at me* “Do you seriously let your employees behave like this? Being all smarta**?”

(I just want the guy out of my store so I don’t have to explain to the police why he and my cashier got into a fistfight. By now, the other manager has reached the register and seems to silently agree with me.)

Me: “No, sir.”

Other Manager: “Not at all, sir.”

Cashier: *cheerfully* “What did I do?”

Customer: *making wild and threatening gestures at my cashier* “You! Stop talking! I’ve had it with your attitude!”

Cashier: *still smiling* “I didn’t do anything wrong!”

Me: “[Cashier], shut up.”

Other Manager: “We’ll deal with [Cashier], sir.”

(The customer continues to rant about our cashier’s attitude, the other manager and I keep attempting to placate him, and our cashier continues to butt into the conversation, which riles the customer up and starts the cycle all over. After a few rounds of back-and-forth, the other manager and I win out. The customer finally leaves.)

Me: *spinning to practically snarl at my cashier* “The guy was a huge jerk, but you were not helping!”

(Right on cue, the work phone rang. I was the unlucky one who answered, and sure enough, I had to endure another earful from the same customer about “that kid with the attitude.” The cashier ended up quitting for unrelated reasons a few weeks later to sell home security systems. We heard he nearly got in another fist fight on one of his first days. Also, that “whistle” the customer heard? We puzzled out later that it wasn’t the cashier; it was the other manager’s ringtone.)

They Have A Stolen Drink Problem

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(I’m the manager on duty. A couple of young women are filling out applications, not eating or drinking, and two of their friends come in to eat. The friends pay, get their food off the buffet, and sit at a table by themselves. The two applicants get up to go sit with them. After a while, I come around a corner and see one of the applicants walk from the front register area carrying a paper cup which we give out only for a purchased soft drink. Suspicious, I ask the cashier:)

Me: “Did you ring up that girl for a drink?”  

Cashier: “No, I wasn’t near the register. You didn’t, either?”

Me: “No.”

(I walk over to the table as the two applicants are about to rush out.)

Me: “Excuse me, did you get someone to ring you up for that drink?”

Girl: “Umm…” *nods her head*

Me: “Who? The cashier says she didn’t and it wasn’t me, either.”

Girl: *smiles and shrugs*

Me: “What makes you think you can get free drinks here?”

Girl: “…”

(I took the drink out of her hand and threw it in the trash while her friends burst out laughing. She walked out like nothing had happened. Normally, I would have made her pay, but I just wanted her gone. And I threw out her application.)

The Worst Kind Of Chain Store

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(I am browsing in a shop that sells jewellery, scarves, and other accessories. I find something I want to buy and wait while they serve another customer, a young woman who is trying on a necklace. Neither the customer nor the owner speak English as a first language.)

Customer: “I’m not sure. I think the chain might be a bit long.”

Owner: “We could cut the chain, if you like.”

Customer: *noncommittally, as if she’s mulling it over* “Okay.”

(The owner’s wife immediately snatches the necklace away and cuts the chain.)

Owner: “That will be [price].”

Customer: *looks at the necklace again and tries it on with the new chain length* “No, I don’t think I want it.”

Owner: “You have to buy it now. We cut the chain for you. We can’t sell it.”

Customer: “I didn’t ask you to.”

Owner: “You said, ‘Okay.’ ‘Okay,’ means, ‘Yes.’ You don’t speak proper English. I speak English. ‘Okay,’ means, ‘Yes.’ You must buy it.”

Customer: “I don’t want to buy it.”

(Then, the owner and his wife physically manhandled the woman out of the shop, yelling about how they were going to call the police on her. I threw down the thing I was thinking of buying and ran out of the shop, too, chasing after the woman, who was sobbing on the street, to console her. I still regret not calling the police on them for assault, or even saying something to them.)

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