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Bad boss and coworker stories

When Life Gives You Limes, Make Lemonade

| Working | August 10, 2012

(We’ve just started selling a new line of iced drinks for the summer. My usually stingy manager has been pushing hard to get sampling out, going so far as telling us to make free drinks for customers if they want to try more than one sample.)

Customer: “Hi, could I get a green tea lemonade?”

Me: “Sure thing! What size?”

Customer: “I’d like—”

Manager: “HEY THERE! Have you tried the new lime cooler yet? I bet you’d like it better than the tea! Hey [me], make one up for him, will ya?”

(The customer looks embarrassed, but seems too polite to decline a free drink. He mumbles a thank you as I set to fixing up the new drink. As soon as my manager goes into the back room, I switch ingredients and make the original order.)

Me: “Here you go, green tea lemonade. It’s on me today; I’m sorry about that. My manager’s a bit… excited about the new product. I figured you’d ask if you wanted a sample.”

Customer: *looks relieved* “Oh, thank you so much! I just didn’t know what to say to him!”

Me: “We usually just smile and nod, too.”

(The customer left me a fiver in the tip jar!)

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Best Not To Press On With This Job

| Working | August 9, 2012

(I have just had my nails done and the cost is $35. I give the employee two twenties. She tries to give me a ten and a five as change.)

Me: “I thought you said it was $35?”

Employee: “Yes.”

Me: “I gave you forty.”

Employee: “Yes.”

Me: “You’re trying to give me $15 back in change.”

Employee: *confused* “Yes…”

Me: “Forty minus thirty-five is five. I gave you $40 for the nails and the tip. I don’t need any change.”

Employee: “A $15 tip? Thank you!”

Me: “Okay, let’s just stop. The cost for my nails is $35, right?”

Employee: “Right!”

Me: “And I gave you two twenties which is $40, right?”

Employee: “Right!”

Me: “Okay, so forty minus thirty-five is…?”

Employee: “Five, of course!”

Me: “Great! So my change would be $5, but I told you to keep it.”

Employee: “Yes, $15. Thank you again!”

(I am frustrated and am wondering if I should just forget about it and leave. The manager notices something is wrong and comes over to us.)

Manager: “Is there a problem?”

(I explain the whole thing to the manager.)

Manager: “No wonder our register is always short! What is wrong with you, [employee]? I have no idea if you’re playing dumb or not, but you are no longer allowed to TOUCH the register!”

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A Serial Ponderer

| Working | August 9, 2012

(This occurs during a shift in which a fellow coworker keeps pointing out whenever I think aloud, and makes an issue out of it by questioning my sanity.)

Coworker: *completely serious* “So, have you ever killed someone?”

Me: “No! Why would you even ask that?”

Coworker: “I thought I might catch you off guard!”

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‘Tis Better To Have Delivered And Lost Than To Never Have Delivered At All

, | Working | August 9, 2012

(I order some pizzas from a well-known pizza chain. The guy who delivers my pizza seems friendly enough, although his attitude is less than professional.)

Delivery Guy: “Here you go dude: three large pizzas and an order of garlic breadsticks. Your total comes to [price].”

(I hand over some cash to the delivery guy.)

Me: “All right, here you go, and a little extra for your efforts.”

Delivery Guy: “Thanks, bro. Sorry I couldn’t arrive sooner though. The directions to your house were f***ing difficult. I had made a wrong turn at some point, and I was like ‘Aw, s***!’ Wasn’t very pleasant at all!”

(I am a little taken aback by this. Not because of his choice of words, but because I live less than four miles away from the pizza place.)

Me: “Yeah, don’t sweat it. Drive safely now.”

Delivery Guy: “Thanks, pal!”

(I bring my pizzas inside and eat them with my family. Not more than 10 minutes later, I receive a phone call.)

Me: “Hello?”

Caller: “Yo, this is [Delivery Guy] from [Pizza Chain] calling. I’m having a hard time finding your house. Could you possibly give me directions?”

(I recognize the voice. It is the same delivery guy who just delivered my pizzas.)

Me: “Dude, you already delivered my pizzas.”

Caller: “The h*** you on about? I have your pizza right here with me!”

Me: “You should probably double-check the address you’re looking for. ‘Cause believe me, I have three piping hot pizzas right in front of me right now.”

Caller: “Really? F***! Never mind, dude!” *click*

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Ain’t Got A Cowlick Of Sense

| Working | August 8, 2012

(I work as a cashier at a local grocery store. I often work with a bagger who seems a little slow. One day, my supervisor asks me a question concerning his new ‘haircut.’)

Supervisor: “Have you noticed [coworker] today?”

Me: “No. Why?”

Supervisor: “Just take a look next time you get the chance.”

(I look at my coworker and notice he has a giant, obvious bald spot that was not there the day before. My supervisor and me argue whether or not to ask him, as the bagger is often temperamental.)

Me: “You should ask him since he’s more friendly with you.”

Supervisor: *nervously* “Well… okay.”

(A couple of hours later, my supervisor comes back with an answer.)

Supervisor: “You’ll never believe what he told me.”

Me: “What?”

Supervisor: “He said he was having trouble with a cowlick on the back of his hair, so he just shaved a big bald spot on the back of his head!”

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