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Bad boss and coworker stories

Free Attitude With Purchase

| Working | July 13, 2012

(It’s very early in the morning, and I am in the process of getting my apartment packed up when I run out of boxes. I run to a 24-hour store and pick up four boxes and two candy bars, one of which I eat before I get to the checkout. I show the empty candy bar wrapper to the cashier so I can pay for it.)

Cashier: *dirty look* “Well, did you enjoy it?”

Me: “Actually, I think I like the original flavor better.”

Cashier: *angrily* “So, you already tried it, but you’re buying it anyways?!”

Me: “Oh, the other one is actually for my roommate. She loves them!”

Cashier: “Well, I don’t know why you’d buy it if you already tried it.”

Me: “Um, sorry?”

Cashier: *sticks her tongue out in a ‘gag’ gesture* “EEEEEYYYEEECCCHHH!”

Me: “Okay?”

Cashier: “And why are you buying boxes? You can just ask your friends for boxes!”

Me: “Well, I’m moving at 6 am, and I don’t think any of my friends are up right now.”

Cashier: “There’s no reason to buy boxes. That’s just stupid!”

Me: *speechless*

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Obviously Not Getting Enough Air

| Working | July 12, 2012

(I am the manager. One afternoon, my assistant manager and one of my employees come up to me.)

Assistant Manager: *completely straight-faced* “Is it, or is it not okay for me to take a plastic bag and place it over employees head while he is serving a customer?”

Me: “Um…no, it’s not.”

Employee: “Well, that’s what he just did.”

Assistant Manager: “But the customer laughed!”

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Mortarboard And Hassle

, , , , | Working | July 12, 2012

Me: “Hey, [Supervisor], I know it’s two months away, but I wanted to let you know I need my graduation day off.”

Supervisor: “That’s fine, but you need to put the request in the system two weeks before. But I’ll be sure to approve it.”

(A month and a half later…)

Me: “[Supervisor], I just put the request for my graduation day off into the system.”

Supervisor: “Oh, great; I’ll approve it right now.”

(The next day…)

Me: “So, am I all set for graduation?”

Supervisor: “Oh, I completely forgot! Let me do that right now.”

(This continued EVERY work day that week. Lo and behold, the next week’s schedule comes up with me on for my graduation day.)

Me: “I thought you said I was all set to have the day off?”

Supervisor: “Well, now that you’re on the schedule, you’ll need to find someone else to cover it for you. Too many other people were given the day off.”

Me: “But… You said…”

(My supervisor leaves me there with my jaw on the floor. Just then, my store manager walks by.)

Store Manager: “Hey, [My Name], what’s wrong?”

Me: “My supervisor wants me to work my graduation day.”

Store Manager: “Did you request it off in the system?”

Me: “Yes.”

Store Manager: “Oh, I see. I’ll take care of this!”

(When my shift ended that day, I saw that I was no longer scheduled for my graduation day. Even better: she made my supervisor cover for me.)

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Not A Baby, Or Even A Maybe

| Working | July 12, 2012

(I am shopping with my husband one day before class at my college’s bookstore, which also sells snacks and drinks. This exchange happens as we are checking out. Note: I have been recovering from an ulcer and have recently lost 20 pounds because of it.)

Me: “Sorry, nothing looks good.”

Husband: “Are you sure?”

Me: “Unfortunately, I just don’t want to eat anything.”

Cashier: “Oh, don’t worry, ma’am. We get pregnant women in here all the time.”

Me: “I’m not pregnant.”

Cashier: “Most pregnant women prefer to just buy water if you would like. I am sure that you can handle that.”

Me: “I am not pregnant. I have an ulcer.”

Cashier: “Oh, my sister called hers the ‘parasite’ for the first few months!”

Me: “I am NOT pregnant. In fact, I have lost quite a bit of weight because of this.”

Cashier: *winks and looks knowingly at my stomach* “I am sure you have, ma’am. You three have a great day!”

(As my husband and I walk out, I overhear her talking to a coworker.)

Cashier: “I don’t understand why some women so sensitive about their pregnancy!”

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Brain Freeze

| Working | July 11, 2012

(Note: This exchange takes place between myself, my manager, and a very new coworker. This new girl is not exactly the brightest bulb in the box, and both myself and my manager have become very frustrated with her over her first few days because of her added laziness.)

Me: “Hey, [manager], I think we’re out of fries up here.”

Manager: *to the new girl* “We need french fries, but it’s very busy. Could you run downstairs and grab a few bags?”

New Coworker: “Where are they?”

Me: “Alright, just go downstairs into the room with the freezers. If you open the freezer against the back wall, there will be large, clear bags full of frozen french fries right on top. Could you grab three bags, please?”

New Coworker: *blank stare*

Manager: “French fries. We need fries now, please.”

New Coworker: *still staring blankly* “What’s a…freezer?”

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