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Not So Pretty In Pink, Part 2

| Working | October 25, 2013

(My best friend loves hair dye and often has her hair in multiple colors. At the minute, half of her hair is three different shades of pink while the other half is un-dyed.)

Employee: “Hi, welcome to—oh. You can’t be here.”

Best Friend: “Um, why?”

Employee: “Because we don’t serve punks in here. Now, get out!”

(The employee then notices me.)

Employee: “You shouldn’t hang out with girls like her. All they do is get into trouble, get knocked up, and party all night while they use up welfare! Ugh, look at her! She has a baby already!”

(Unfortunately, my friend has dealt with this before. The baby the employee is referring to is her two-year-old sister, who she’s carrying.)

Best Friend: “I should just go somewhere else, but I hate arrogant people. This child is my adopted sister and I often take her out with me because she likes spending time with my best friend and me. I am not a punk. My hair is pink because I like the color. I am not a troublemaker. In fact, I volunteer as often as I can at a preschool and a nursing home. Have you never heard the expression ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’?”

Employee: “Well… you’ll never be able to have a real job. No employer would hire you!”

Best Friend: “False. Before I moved here last year, I did have a job. I worked there for four years and my boss never had a problem with my hair colors.”

(At this point, my friend’s sister begins squirming.)

Friend’s Sister: “I need to go potty! I need to go now! Potty!”

Best Friend: “Now, would you please direct us to the restroom for my little sister and have us seated afterwards?”

(The employee does so. My friend decides not to complain to the manager since we had no problems after that, but we never return to that particular restaurant again.)

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Can’t Get A Handle On The Toilet

| Working | October 25, 2013

Manager: “Where’ve you been?”

Coworker: “Toilet.”

Manager: “Again? Are you ill or something?”

Coworker: “No, but there’s no contractual maximum amount of s***s I can take in one day, is there?”

Me: “He’s got you there.”

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Best Make That A Double (Her Age)

| Working | October 25, 2013

(My wife has gone to lunch on her birthday with her dad and my parents. The waitress is taking everyone’s orders.)

Father-In-Law: “Do you guys do anything special for birthdays?”

Waitress: “Oh, who’s the lucky one?”

Wife: “That’s me!”

Waitress: “Oh, turning 15?”

(My wife’s jaw drops.)

Waitress: “…16?”

(My wife lays her head on the table.)

My Dad: “28.”

Waitress: “Oh… I’m going to go get you a very strong drink now…”

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Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts (Manager)

| Working | October 25, 2013

(I work for a data-mining company who polls data for vehicles. I contact a company spokesperson who we are having issues polling data for.)

Me: “Hello [Spokesperson], I’m calling from [Company] because we are having issues updating our information.”

Spokesperson: “What’s going on now?”

Me: “Well, we haven’t received anything, and it’s because of this—”

Spokesperson: “Look, this is ridiculous. Why can’t you guys do your job correctly?”

Me: “Sir, we are doing our jobs; unfortunately—”

Spokesperson: “Look, if you have a damaged car you needed to be fixed, you take it to the service manager to get it fixed. If the service manager hasn’t had it worked on, that’s the service manager’s fault.”

Me: “I agree; however, if your parts manager isn’t ordering parts for your service manager to do his job, how can you blame the service manager?”

(The company spokesperson pauses for a few moments.)

Spokesperson: “Well, d***, I didn’t think of that way. Let me help you.”

Me: “Great, here is what we should do…”

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Give Me A Break Or You’ll Break The Law, Part 2

| Working | October 24, 2013

(I’m working at the grocery counter, and we are absolutely slammed and very short-staffed. I am on an eight-hour shift, and our payroll department automatically takes out 30 minutes of pay for lunch when we work past six.)

Me: “Hey, do you know if I’m going to be able to go to lunch soon? I’m already past the four-hour mark.”

Supervisor: “It might be late, but you’ll get it.”

Me: “You sure? We’re really busy, so I was worried.”

Supervisor: “Don’t worry; I’ll talk to the manager. It won’t be a problem.”

(My supervisor leaves to go speak with the manager.)

Supervisor: *to the manager* “Hey, can [My Name] get her lunch break? She’s already been here over four hours.”

Manager: “Well, if we have time.”

Supervisor: “If we have time?”

Manager: “We’re really busy. She might have to go without.”

Supervisor: “You know that that’s incredibly illegal, right? A violation of labor laws?”

Manager: “…”

Supervisor: “…”

Manager: *to me, grumpily* “Go on break.”

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