Hope No One Needs Security

| Working | May 17, 2012

This Employee’s Not Worth Their Salt

, | Aurora, CO, USA | Working | May 17, 2012

(It has recently snowed outside our restaurant, and the sidewalks have been cleared.)

Manager: *to new cashier* “Could you please go out there and salt the sidewalks?”

Cashier: “Sure.”

(I see the cashier enter the kitchen and take a tin shaker. I don’t give it much thought until the cook starts looking around the fry area rather puzzled. We put two and two together and approach the manager.)

Me: “What did you send him to do?”

Manager: “I sent him to salt the sidewalks to avoid accidents.”

Me: “Really? Then why did he take the salt shaker? [Cook] is looking for it, I think.”

(The manager gives me a strange look, and then goes outside to check on cashier.)

Manager: “What are you doing?!”

Cashier: “Putting salt on the sidewalks?”

Manager: “Not with that salt! You’ll use it all up!”

(The cashier had been trying to salt the entire sidewalk with the little salt shaker we use for the fries. No wonder it was taking him so long!)

Make Nice With The Prenatal Advice

| Kansas City, MO, USA | Working | May 17, 2012

(I am about 15 weeks pregnant and work in an administrative position with an insurance company in my area. A coworker in another department stops to ask me how my pregnancy is going.)

Coworker: “So, do you know the sex of the baby yet?”

Me: “No, but we will find out in a couple of weeks. I’m sure it will be a boy though. Seems all of the men on my husband’s side of the family only help produce boys!” *laughing*

Coworker: “Yeah, I think you will have a boy, too. I’m just looking at your face. It’s all broken out. Boys will do that to you. They will make you ugly.”

Me: “So, how many boys have you had?”

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Math Has Many Good Points

| Petaluma, CA, USA | Working | May 17, 2012

Cashier: “Okay, your change is $4.98.”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry. Here is 2 cents.”

(The cashier looks at the change for a few moments in confusion.)

Cashier: *still confused* “How much do I give you back in change?”

Me: “Well, what is 498 + 2?”

Cashier: “500…” *completely serious* “…so, I should give you back $500?”

Me: “Actually, it’s $5.00….though I wouldn’t mind the $500!”


Things Could Be Worse

| Working | May 16, 2012

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