June Top Story Roundup

| Not Always Working | Working | July 1, 2012

June Top Story Roundup: From Harry Potter to hypocritical employees, here are our top-rated stories for the month of June!

  1. Banishing Bellatrix (1,178 thumbs up)
    A bad coworker gets fired from the Wizarding World by Harry Potter and friends!
  2. The Only Thing He Should Be Running Is Scared (1,171 thumbs up)
    An unhelpful boss is called out by a customer—who happens to be from Corporate.
  3. Accidon’t (1,128 thumbs up)
    “I do apologize, but the accidental damage plan does not cover accidental damage.”
  4. The Fabled Land Of Equality (988 thumbs up)
    A female gamer finds getting help from sexist employees to be more fable than fact.
  5. Some People Can’t Stand Being Shown Up (953 thumbs up)
    A pouty employee gets shown the heights of her hypocrisy!

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What You Don’t Memo Can’t Hurt You

| London, UK | Working | July 1, 2012

Me: “Hi, what can you tell me about your £10 per month Android phone deals?”

Employee: *condescendingly* “What deals? Where’d you hear about those…online or something?”

Me: “It’s on the three foot banner in your window saying, ‘Ask about our £10 Android deals.'”

Employee: “Well, no one told me about that. I don’t even know what phones it’s on!”

(There’s an awkward silence as he looks at me, like he’s expecting me to leave.)

Me: “Well, do you think you could go and find out for me?”

(Ten minutes later, after he’s asked every other employee in the shop—none of whom have a clue, either—he returns.)

Employee: “Oh, yeah, it’s on [brand of phone]. We got a memo over the weekend, but nobody ever really bothers to read those, you know!”

HOrrifyingLY SHortened ITems

| Westbury, NY, USA | Working | June 30, 2012

(My very first job is as a fountain girl at a popular restaurant/ice cream place. Since I work the late shift, I haven’t been trained on proper restaurant abbreviations. The Head Waitress, upon reviewing the night’s orders, comes flying over to me holding one of my orders.)

Head Waitress: “Holy HECK, [my name], what did you give this customer?!”

Me: *sheepishly* “Um…well, I used ‘FU’ for ‘fudge’ and ‘CK’ for ‘cake’.”

Head Waitress: “Let’s go over abbreviations, shall we?”

1 Thumbs

Rape Soda? No Thanks.

| Working | June 29, 2012

Would You Like Eyes With That

, | Austin, TX, USA | Working | June 29, 2012

(I’m the only customer eating at a fast food restaurant. One of the workers comes over and stands about six feet away from my table and stares at me. He stands there for thirty seconds before I speak up.)

Me: “Yes? Did you want something?”

Worker: “No.”

Me: “Then why are you staring at me?”

Worker: “Because I like watching you eat…”

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