Customers Actually Know A Thing Or Two

| Bloomington, IN, USA | Working | May 27, 2012

(I was recently given a $2 bill from the bank. I don’t collect the things, so I try to use it to buy a $1 cookie from a cookie place in the mall.)

Employee: *looks at $2 bill* “I can’t accept that.”

Me: “What?”

Employee: “I need real money.”

Me: “It’s a two dollar bill—”

Employee: “If you don’t give me real money, I’m going to call security!”

Me: “It is real money. Are you being serious?”

Employee: “Are you retarded? I’m telling you, I’m going to call security if you keep trying to give me fake money!”

Me: “This is…you know what, do it. Call security.”

(The employee calls security, and a guard arrives shortly.)

Security Guard: *to me* “She tells me you’re trying to pass counterfeit money off on her?”

Me: *hands him the $2 bill*

Security Guard: *to the employee* “Really?”

Employee: *smugly* “Can you believe she tried to give that to me?!”

Security Guard: *walks away*

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One Order Of Nepotism To-Go

, | Burke, VA, USA | Working | May 26, 2012

(It’s about 10 at night, and I stop at a drive-thru for a late dinner. There are no cars behind me in line, so I take a few moments to examine the new items on the menu.)

Me: “Could I have a few seconds to look at the menu?”

Employee #1: *via the drive-thru intercom* “Lady, just order already!”

Me: “Fine…” *I place an order and pull up*

Employee #1: “You really should keep your f***ing a** going to keep the line moving.”

Me: “There was no one else here. No one was behind me.”

Employee #1: *shrugs and waves me forward*

(As I pull forward to get my food, I complain to the girl with my order.)

Employee #2: *sighs* “Yeah, you’re the third person to complain tonight. He’s the manager’s son, so I don’t think anything’s going to be done about it…”

(Needless to say, I never went to that particular franchise again.)

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Building Morale Vs. Building Bikes

| Lake Grove, OR, USA | Working | May 25, 2012

(We have a regional manager who would sometimes drop by and try to motivate us to build more bikes faster. The thing is, while he is a decent manager, he did not know much about the actual bikes. Usually, bikes take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half to build, depending on the bike.)

Manager: “So, I see there are a few holes on the racks. Are you guys trying to fill them?”

Coworker: “Yeah, the builder is working on those. I will help once I get done with today’s repairs.”

Manager: “Well, it shouldn’t take that long. I did one once, and it only took like a half an hour!” *leaves*

Coworker: *to me* “Yeah, he built one alright—except it fell apart on the first day and was returned right after that. Took me a few hours to fix all his mistakes! We never told him.”

I’ll Take This Shift To-Go, Please

, | New Zealand | Working | May 25, 2012

(I walk into a fast food restaurant. Note that I’m standing right in front of the server as I place my order at the counter.)

Worker: “That will be $14.35. Please drive to the 1st window.”

Me: *staring blankly*

Worker: *realizes what she just said* “Oh! That’s $14.35!”

Ron Paul Retribution

| USA | Working | May 25, 2012

(I used to be a volunteer for Ron Paul, but I missed the deadline to switch party registrations and vote in the Republican Primary because I was having brain surgery. On Election Day, they call me.)

Caller: “Is [my name] there?”

Me: “That’s me.”

Caller: “Hi. I’m calling with the Ron Paul campaign. Have you voted yet today?”

Me: “Sorry, I missed the deadline to switch parties because I was having brain surgery.”

Caller: “If you’re going to make excuses for not voting, make it something not so serious!”

Me: “No, really. That’s my excuse. I was having brain surgery to remove a benign tumor and the deadline came and went. So, I’m still a Democrat.”

Caller: “It would have been easy to fill out a little form.”

Me: “I had a lot on my plate, okay?”

Caller: “You’re not a very good Ron Paul supporter, are you?”

Me: *click*

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