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Not Always Working | Working | October 18, 2012

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Everyone Brings Something

| Working | October 17, 2012

Shady Dealings Will Pay A High Price

| Israel | Working | October 17, 2012

(I am in an appliance store in Israel. I am a 19-year-old American girl, and the two salesmen are older Russian men. We are all speaking to each other in heavily accented Hebrew, so it is extremely clear that I am an American and they are Russian. I happen to know some Russian as well, but you wouldn’t think so because I seem completely American.)

Me: “How much is this fan?”

Salesman #1: *in Russian* “Should we charge her [normal price]?”

Salesman #2: *in Russian* “No, no. Let’s charge her [very high price].”

(Salesman #1 is now glancing at me unsurely. I continue to smile somewhat expectantly, as if I’m cluelessly still waiting for their final answer.)

Salesman #1: *in Russian* “Umm, what if she understands us?”

Salesman #2: *in Russian* “Nah, she’s just some dumb American girl! We’ll give her [high price]. She doesn’t understand us.”

Me: *in Russian* “I understand.”

(Both salesman looked they were going to melt into the floor. They ended up selling me the fan at a nice cheap price!)

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Mismanaged Expectations, Part 3

| Portsmouth, NH, USA | Working | October 17, 2012

(One night, the manager of the store where I used to work didn’t complete the closing procedures correctly on the computer. Therefore, the next morning when I opened, the whole register system was messed up. I called technical support and they were talking me through how to fix everything. It got to a point where they needed me to go to the computer in the back of the store. Since I was all alone, I locked the door and put a sign up saying we were going to be closed for a few minutes due to technical difficulties.  Eventually, I was able to get everything back online and working properly.  Later that day…)

Customer: “Did you get your problem solved? I stopped by earlier when you were closed.”

Manager: “Closed?”

Me: *to the customer* “Yes, thank you. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I had to do some things on the computer in the back.”

Customer: “It’s no big deal. I had other errands to run anyway.” *leaves*

Manager: “You didn’t tell me you closed the store!”

Me: “Yeah… it was only for two or three minutes. Tech support needed me to do a few things on the computer in the back.”

Manager: “You had to close for that?”

Me: “I was the only one here. I either had to lock the door for a few minutes or risk someone coming in while I was gone.”

Manager: “That’s ridiculous. We probably lost a bunch of sales!”

Me: “Again, it was only for a few minutes. Would you have rather I had left the door unlocked?”

Manager: “Yes!”

Me: “What if someone had come in and stolen a bunch of stuff?”

Manager: “Well… uh… then you would have been in trouble for not being out on the floor to stop them!”

Me: “Okay… so I needed to be in the back to correct a problem you caused…”

Manager: “But—”

Me: “…but I wasn’t supposed to lock the door… I was supposed to leave it unlocked and hope for the best?”

Manager: “Yes!”

(The manager reported to the district manager that I had closed the store without approval and without reporting it.  Even though I explained exactly what had happened, the district manager insisted that it was my fault and I was written up.  I was so angry that I quit on the spot!)


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Wipe That Smirk If You Swipe At Work

| Scranton, PA, USA | Working | October 17, 2012

(My mom and I are in line to pay our cellphone bill at a mall kiosk. It’s not actually owned by our cellphone provider, but is a company licensed to sell their services and accept bill payments. There are three men in their early 20s working. We’re standing in line when we see this exchange.)

Female Customer: “I was here last week to pay my bill, but the phone company keeps sending me texts that say they haven’t received my payment.”

Employee #1: “Did you get a receipt after you paid?”

Female Customer: “I don’t think so, but I know I paid it here. I even think he was working…” *points to Employee 2*

Employee #2: *smirks and rolls his eyes* “You don’t look familiar. Are you sure you paid here?”

Female Customer: “Of course I paid here! I work at [store at the mall] and came on my break to pay my bill.”

Employee #3: *smirking* “We can’t help you. Sorry.”

(The female customer is visibly upset and decides to just walk away. My mom and I walk up. Note that I’m in my 20s but look much younger than my age.)

Employee #1: *to my mom* “Hey ma’am! Can I interest you in one of our new Android phones?”

Me: “Actually, I just wanted to pay my phone bill.”

Employee #1: *still to my mom* “Oh, you need to pay your bill?”

My Mom: “No, my daughter needs to pay her bill.”

Employee #1: *condescending* “You know, we REALLY aren’t supposed to pay bills for people who got their phones from the company proper and not through us. I see you’re due for an upgrade. How about asking mommy to buy you one of our new Android phones so you can pay here without an issue?”

Me: “Look, dude. I’m happy with the phone I have now. I don’t want a new one. I know I can pay my bill through any of your company’s kiosks without any trouble so if you wouldn’t mind dropping the attitude and doing your job I’d greatly appreciate it.”

Employee #2: “Wow, attitude!”

Employee #1: “Your bill is $95.50.”

Me: *hand him my card*

Employee #1: “Oopsie! It seems we’ve accidentally charged you $950.00! Don’t worry, it’s just an error.”

Me: “I know you’re joking, but just give me my receipt so I can sign and get out of here, please?”

Employee #2: “Well, excuse us for trying to make jokes! Are you always this rude with people?”

(I sign and take my receipt which, thankfully, shows I was charged the correct amount. As we’re walking away my mom speaks up.)

My Mom: “Don’t think I won’t be calling your corporate offices about how you treated my daughter and that woman before us today. You’re lucky my daughter has arthritis, otherwise she’d kick your a**es!”

Me: “Mom!”

(My mom did end up calling corporate to complain, which is a good thing: a week later, I ran into the same female customer at a grocery store. It turns out the employees had stolen a number of payments from customers and that their store manager was even in on it. The company ended up firing everyone who worked at that branch.)

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