August Top Story Roundup

| Not Always Working | Working | September 2, 2012

August Top Story Roundup: Here are our top-rated stories for the month of August!

  1. Nice To Get Helped For A Change (840 thumbs up)
    A transgendered customer and her friend get help, while a bigoted employee gets the boot!
  2. Familiarity Brews Confusion (803 thumbs up)
    Don’t remember what to call a regular customer? Just call out her favorite order!
  3. From A Day Off To An Awful Day (775 thumbs up)
    You know it’s time to quit when you can’t even get a break on your day off.
  4. Stupid In Any Language (749 thumbs up)
    An uncouth coworker learns a lesson in diplomacy from two female customers!
  5. The League Of Extraordinary Diversity (741 thumbs up)
    A complaining employee lists everything bad thing with America—only to find them all in his coworker!

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Bigotry Begins With The Boss

| Seattle, WA, USA | Working | September 1, 2012

(Note: I’m half-Scottish and half-Native American.)

Supervisor: “Which one of your parents is Japanese?”

Me: “What?”

Supervisor: “It says on your resume you speak Japanese. So, which parent is it?”

Me: “No, I just study it because I get a scholarship for it. But I’m not Japanese.”

Supervisor: “Well, what are you, then?”

Me: “Um… Scottish?”

Supervisor: “Stop lying to me! You don’t have freckles, so you can’t be Scottish. You’re definitely not really white.”

Me: “My dad’s Native. ”

Supervisor: “Ah ha…”

(My supervisor wanders off and returns five minutes later.)

Supervisor: “We need to move you to another desk.”

Me: *surprised* “Why?”

Supervisor: “I don’t want you fraternizing with the other employees. They need to stay on task, and you’re distracting them. Natives have problems with authority and steal things!”

(Incredibly, my supervisor’s boss agreed with her. I was fired soon afterwards, but thankfully I have since moved abroad and now have a bigot-free job in a large international firm.)

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The Bad News Is Good News

| Working | August 31, 2012


Brainless MammAlien Vs. Predator

| Louisiana, USA | Working | August 31, 2012

(I pick up a game and take it to the counter. The assistant manager, who I know from my frequent visits, is behind the counter along with a new hire I’ve never seen before.)

New Hire: *grinning at me* “Hey there. How you doing?” *looks down at the game box I’ve handed him and reads it aloud* “Predator: Concrete Jungle…” *glances up at me, still grinning* “So, is this a gift for your boyfriend?”

Me: “Oh, no, it’s for me. I’m a HUGE Predator fan and have been since I was a kid. I have all of the movies and want to get some of the comics.”

New Hire: *still grinning* “So, does that mean you don’t have a boyfriend?”

Me: “No, I have a boyfriend…” *show him my promise ring* “He just prefers games like Call of Duty.”

New Hire: “Oh, so what’s the game for? Just to add to your Predator collection?”

(The assistant manager has heard everything. Tired of his coworker’s stupidity, he speaks up.)

Assistant Manager: “It’s for her to PLAY! She comes in here about the same time every week! All of the games she buys are for her or her younger sister who comes with her sometimes!” *to me* “I’m sorry.”

Me: “That’s okay. I get that a lot.”

New Hire: “Since when are nerdy chicks hot?”

Me: “Riiight… I’ll just take my game and go now.” *to the assistant manager* “See you around.”

(I definitely saw the assistant manager around, but not the new hire—thankfully, he no longer works there.)

Not Ever Working, Part 5

| Canada | Working | August 31, 2012

(During rush hour, part of the subway line has unexpectedly closed down, forcing me to board a shuttle bus at an unfamiliar station. I ask an employee for help.)

Me: “Excuse me, which platform is the shuttle bus boarding on?”

Employee: “Follow the crowd.”

Me: “Sir, it’s rush hour. There are people going in every direction.”

Employee: “Not my problem.”

Me: “Can you please tell me where I board the bus?”

Employee: “No!”


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