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| Working | October 29, 2012

Suffering From An Allergic Infraction

, | Augusta, GA, USA | Working | October 29, 2012

(Note: I’m allergic to tomatoes.)

Me: “Hi, this has ketchup and tomatoes. Can I get new one with no tomato products?”

Cashier: “Ugh! There are children starving! You should be thankful!”

Me: “I’m allergic to tomatoes, so I can’t eat this.”

Cashier: “FINE!” *opens burger and takes off tomato slice* “Here!”

Me: “Um… the ketchup?”

Cashier: “What about it?!”

Me: “It’s made of tomatoes.”

Cashier: “No, it isn’t. Don’t be stupid!”

(At this point, the manager comes over.)

Manager: *to the cashier*You’re the stupid one. No wonder so many people complain about you.” *to me* “I’m sorry. I’ll get you a new burger.”

(I got a new burger. Needless to say, the cashier got fired.)

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A Warmed Over Response

| Mesa, AZ, USA | Working | October 28, 2012

Me: “I’d like a hot tea, please.”

Waiter: “No problem.”

(Two minutes later, he returns with a tray bearing two waters and a tall glass of some dark liquid.)

Waiter: “You had the hot tea?” *offers dark liquid*

Me: “Uh, yes, the tea.”

(I touch the glass. It’s room temperature, and certainly not hot.)

Me: “I uh, wanted hot tea.”

Waiter: “Yes.”

Me: “Hot tea.”

Waiter: “This is the hottest tea we have. This is the only tea we have that isn’t cold.”

Me: “Are you having a problem with the hot water?”

Waiter: “This is the only hot tea we have.”

(I flag down a passing waitress.)

Me: “Uh, are you guys having trouble with the hot water?”

Waitress: “Um, no… why?”

Waiter: “She wanted hot tea. This is the only hot tea we have.” *indicates glass of lukewarm ice tea*

Waitress: “Hot green tea, right?”

Me: “Yes.”

Waitress: “I’ll make that for you right now.”


Waitress: “Sorry, he’s new…”

Needs To Ketch Up With Their Vocabulary

, | Melbourne, FL, USA | Working | October 28, 2012

Me: “Yeah, can I get some condiments, please?”

Server: *looks pale* “Um, what did you say?”

Me: “Can I get some condiments please?”

Server: *still looks pale* “Um, let me get my manager.”

(By now, I’m really confused as to what is going on. The manager walks out.)

Manager: “Ma’am, what did you say to my employee?”

Me: “I simply asked for some condiments.”

Manager: *stern look* “We don’t sell that here. This is a FAMILY restaurant.”

Me: *confused* “You mean you don’t give out packets of ketchup or mustard or whatnot?”

Manager: “Oh! That! Oh, sorry. Why didn’t you just say so?!”

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October Themed Giveaway Roundup #2: Geeks At Work!

Not Always Working | Working | October 28, 2012

Hey readers! Check out these great Geeks At Work stories we’ve already received for the October Themed Story Giveaway:

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