Not The Right Mix Of Morals

| USA | Working | August 6, 2012

(My shift consists of myself (biracial) and two other girls: one black, one white. An officer comes in with a colleague in tow and is ranting about something. I walk up to the counter and hear this.)

Officer: “…and then they told me I should consider myself lucky I wasn’t being reported. I’m telling you, all these d*** black people need to go find jobs, and furthermore…” *continues ranting*

(The officer’s colleague is aware that I am biracial, and is desperately trying to get him to look at me and shut up. When the officer finally turns to me, he realizes what has happened and grows very pale.)

Me: *sweetly* “I’m bi-racial, so I have a 50-50 chance of getting whatever you’re here for correct. Or, would you like me to get out a white girl to assist you?”

(The officer all but runs out of the office, leaving the other officer to apologize profusely before following him. Not surprisingly, his termination was announced a few weeks later, and quite a few complaints of racism were listed among the reasons.)

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Please Hold While I Sleep

| Working | August 6, 2012


In Purse-uit Of Common Sense

| Ontario, Canada | Working | August 5, 2012

(While visiting the local library, I leave my purse behind accidentally. I ask a friend who lives close by to pick it up for me, and they tell her they have given it back already. So I phone, and this is the conversation that ensues.)

Worker: “Hello, [library]. How can I help you?”

Me: “Hello. I’m calling because I recently left a purse there, and I was just wondering if it was still there.” *describes purse*

Worker: “Oh. Well, this is just the fiction desk. I’ll have to go check with at the main desk.”

Me: “Okay.”

(The woman goes to the main desk, and returns 10 minutes later.)

Worker: “Well, this is just embarrassing. They said a girl came in a said it was her mother’s purse… her daughter’s purse or something. They just gave it to her.”

Me: “Without checking for ID?”

Worker: “No, they just gave it to her. Didn’t even ask her name or anything!”

Familiarity Brews Confusion

| Melbourne, Australia | Working | August 4, 2012

(I have been getting coffee at the same place every morning for about a year. I’m friendly with the barista, and he knows what I drink without asking, but we’ve never had any in-depth conversation.)

Barista: “Hey, were you in [local bar] last night?”

Me: “No, why?”

Barista: “I thought I saw you and I was calling out to you! Well, I guess I must have scared the crap out of another woman.” *laughs*

Me: “But I’ve never told you my name. What were you calling out?”

Barista: “MEDIUM SOY!”

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Hold Music!

| Working | August 3, 2012


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