Not Ink-lined To Help

| Canada | Working | November 27, 2012

(I’m trying to make an appointment at a popular tattoo parlor. Note that one of the owners is known for having an attitude and giving bad advice.)

Owner: “How can I help you?”

Me: “Ah, yes, I’d like to make an appointment for April 1st.”

Owner: “Okay, and how big is your tattoo, and where do you want it?”

Me: “It would be on my arm, and I sent an email with the image last week.”

Owner: “Did you get a call back? If not, wait for it.”

Me: “I need it on a specific day, though. Could you see if it’s open, please?”

Owner: “No, it’s not my problem!” *hangs up*

Well, That Pre-cludes That

| Texas, USA | Working | November 27, 2012

Employee: “Hi, thank you for calling [ticket agency]. How can I help you?”

Me: “Yes, I was attempting to buy tickets online for the [event] pre-sale, but your website was not working.”

Employee: “Was there an error message or anything?”

Me: “Yeah, it said my request could not be approved.”

Employee: “Oh, we’ve had a number of callers complaining about this. Try again and it should work.”

Me: “I’ve tried three times and it hasn’t gone through. Is there anything else? Can I buy them on the phone?”

Employee: “You cannot buy tickets at this time over the phone. If you wish to purchase tickets over the phone, you will have to wait until tomorrow.”

Me: “Even though your website is not working?”

Employee: “Correct.”

Me: “So, I can’t buy tickets for the pre-sale over the phone right now; I can only buy them online? But your website isn’t working, so it is impossible for me to buy them online, or to even buy them at all until I can buy them over the phone during the general sale that starts tomorrow.”

Employee: “Yes, that is correct.”

Me: “Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a pre-sale?”

Employee: *long pause* “…Is there anything else I can help you with today?”

Alarming Behavior

, | Chicago, IL, USA | Working | November 27, 2012

(It is my first week working at a popular fast food restaurant. I tend to fidget when I get nervous, and in my fidgeting I accidentally trip our silent burglar alarm in the middle of an order.)

Me: “Um, [manager], I’m really really sorry, but I think I just tripped the burglar alarm.”

Manager: “Thanks for letting me know. [Coworker], take over here. I’m going to head out to the parking lot to let the cops know it was a false alarm.”

(He leaves, and I am left apologizing all over myself to my coworker.)

Coworker: “Really, it’s no big deal. Everybody does it once when they’re new.”

Me: “Really?”

Coworker: “Yeah, and you handled it way better than the last guy.”

Me: “What’d he do?”

Coworker: “We found him trying to rip the alarm out of the wall. Turns out he was really high and didn’t want the cops to catch him! He got fired on the spot.”

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Sometimes, Honesty Isn’t The Best Policy

| Working | November 27, 2012

What The Hole Is Their Problem

| Oregon, USA | Working | November 26, 2012

(I go into a local donut shop where they also happen to serve burgers.)

Me: “Hi, I’d like—”

Employee: “We’re not doing burgers right now. We might get busy.”

Me: “I wasn’t—”


Me: “The store is empty.”

Employee: *ignores me*

(I left, but she was unsurprisingly fired several weeks later for too many complaints.)

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