This Job May Require Telepathy

| BC, Canada | Working | August 6, 2012

(We’ve recently gotten a new boss, but no new employees have been hired in the past two years so we all know how the routine of the job goes.)

Boss: “You need to do this wall.”

Me: “Sure, no problem. Follow it to the directive?”

Boss: “Yes, exactly to the directive.”

(My boss leaves me with the directive, which is a picture map of clothing I’m setting up. It takes about two hours and I have it set up exactly like what’s in the pictures. However, because we don’t have all the items, it’s looking a bit empty. I ask my boss how she would like me to proceed.)

Me: “I have some clothes from the last shipment I could put in behind here, according to colour, or I could add an extra bar for jeans.”

Boss: “No, this is completely wrong. Put in shoes.”

(She then gives me directions to redo the entire space in a very different way. I proceed to do as she says until she returns again.)

Boss: “No, this isn’t to the directive at all!”

Me: “You asked me to change it all to shoes, so I did.”

Boss: “No, I wanted the directive!”

Me: “But I did the directive, and then you asked for shoes.”

Boss: “I wanted both!”

Me: “Oh, I must have misunderstood you. How did you want both?”


(This happened with every employee multiple times. Thankfully, she left our company after six months.)

How May I Not Help You

| Raleigh, NC, USA | Working | August 6, 2012

Me: “I’m looking for a—”

Cashier: *shouts* “NO!”

Me: *baffled*

(Seeing my confusion, the cashier gives me a big, friendly smile.)

Cashier: “Sorry! I was just feeling contrary today…”

In Purse-uit Of Common Sense

| Ontario, Canada | Working | August 5, 2012

(While visiting the local library, I leave my purse behind accidentally. I ask a friend who lives close by to pick it up for me, and they tell her they have given it back already. So I phone, and this is the conversation that ensues.)

Worker: “Hello, [library]. How can I help you?”

Me: “Hello. I’m calling because I recently left a purse there, and I was just wondering if it was still there.” *describes purse*

Worker: “Oh. Well, this is just the fiction desk. I’ll have to go check with at the main desk.”

Me: “Okay.”

(The woman goes to the main desk, and returns 10 minutes later.)

Worker: “Well, this is just embarrassing. They said a girl came in a said it was her mother’s purse… her daughter’s purse or something. They just gave it to her.”

Me: “Without checking for ID?”

Worker: “No, they just gave it to her. Didn’t even ask her name or anything!”

Familiarity Brews Confusion

| Melbourne, Australia | Working | August 4, 2012

(I have been getting coffee at the same place every morning for about a year. I’m friendly with the barista, and he knows what I drink without asking, but we’ve never had any in-depth conversation.)

Barista: “Hey, were you in [local bar] last night?”

Me: “No, why?”

Barista: “I thought I saw you and I was calling out to you! Well, I guess I must have scared the crap out of another woman.” *laughs*

Me: “But I’ve never told you my name. What were you calling out?”

Barista: “MEDIUM SOY!”

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Hold Music!

| Working | August 3, 2012


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